depinisyon kahulugan
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doc Definition of middle
    English to English
  • of a stage in the development of a language or literature between earlier and later stages
  • Middle English is the English language from about 1100 to 1500.
    Middle Gaelic.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • between an earlier and a later period of time
  • In the middle years.
    In his middle thirties.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • Equally distant from the extreme either of a number of things or of one thing; mean; medial; as, the middle house in a row; a middle rank or station in life; flowers of middle summer; men of middle age.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • an area that is approximately central within some larger region
  • It is in the center of town.
    They ran forward into the heart of the struggle.
    They were in the eye of the storm.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • an intermediate part or section
  • A whole is that which has beginning, middle, and end.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • the middle area of the human torso (usually in front)
  • Young American women believe that a bare midriff is fashionable.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • time between the beginning and the end of a temporal period
  • The middle of the war.
    Rain during the middle of April.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • The point or part equally distant from the extremities or exterior limits, as of a line, a surface, or a solid; an intervening point or part in space, time, or order of series; the midst; central portion
  • source: Webster 1913
    adjective satellite
  • being neither at the beginning nor at the end in a series
  • Adolescence is an awkward in-between age.
    In a mediate position.
    The middle point on a line.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • equally distant from the extremes
  • source: WordNet 3.0
  • put in the middle
  • source: WordNet 3.0
    English to Tagalog
  • [mídl] Gitnâ; kalagitnaan
  • source: Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog
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