depinisyon kahulugan
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defDictionary definitions that start with: ON
onon a higher flooron a lower flooron a regular basis
on airon all fourson an individual basison an irregular basis
on and offon approvalon averageon base
on boardon cameraon diton earth
on faithon fireon guardon hand
on iton occasionon one handon one's guard
on paperon purposeon requeston tap
on thaton that pointon the averageon the button
on the coattailson the contraryon the doton the face of it
on the fenceon the flyon the goon the hook
on the jobon the looseon the noseon the offensive
on the one handon the other handon the q.t.on the qt
on the qui viveon the roadon the sideon the sly
on the spoton the spur of the momenton the tableon the way
on the wholeon the wingon timeon tour
on trialon your guardon-goingon-key
on-licenseon-lineon-line databaseon-off switch
on-the-spoton/off switchonageronagga
onappoonceonce againonce and for all
once in a whileonce moreonce-overonchocerciasis
oncidiumoncidium papiliooncidium papilio kramerianumoncogene
oncorhynchus ketaoncorhynchus kisutchoncorhynchus nerkaoncorhynchus tshawytscha
ondatraondatra zibethicaondeondogram
one after anotherone and onlyone at a timeone by one
one cone dollar billone hundredone hundred eighty
one hundred fifteenone hundred fiftyone hundred fifty-fiveone hundred five
one hundred fortyone hundred forty-fiveone hundred ninetyone hundred one
one hundred seventyone hundred seventy-fiveone hundred sixtyone hundred sixty-five
one hundred tenone hundred thirtyone hundred thirty-fiveone hundred twenty
one hundred twenty-fiveone ironone million millionone million million million
one of the boysone one's coattailsone percentone shot
one thousandone thousand millionone thousand thousandone time
one-and-oneone-armedone-armed banditone-billionth
one-celledone-dimensionalone-dimensional languageone-dimensionality

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