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doc Definition of fortune
    English to English
  • an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another
  • Bad luck caused his downfall.
    We ran into each other by pure chance.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • a large amount of wealth or prosperity
  • source: WordNet 3.0
  • an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that leads to a favorable outcome
  • It was my good luck to be there.
    They say luck is a lady.
    It was as if fortune guided his hand.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • your overall circumstances or condition in life (including everything that happens to you)
  • Whatever my fortune may be.
    Deserved a better fate.
    Has a happy lot.
    The luck of the Irish.
    A victim of circumstances.
    Success that was her portion.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • The arrival of something in a sudden or unexpected manner; chance; accident; luck; hap; also, the personified or deified power regarded as determining human success, apportioning happiness and unhappiness, and distributing arbitrarily or fortuitously the lots of life.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • To make fortunate; to give either good or bad fortune to.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • To fall out; to happen.
  • source: Webster 1913
    English to Tagalog
  • [fórchiun] Kapalaran; palad
  • source: Diccionario Ingles-Español-Tagalog
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