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doc Definition of funny
    English to English
  • Droll; comical; amusing; laughable.
  • source: Webster 1913
  • an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line)
  • She told a funny story.
    She made a funny.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • A clinkerbuit, narrow boat for sculling.
  • source: Webster 1913
    adjective satellite
  • arousing or provoking laughter
  • An amusing film with a steady stream of pranks and pratfalls.
    An amusing fellow.
    A comic hat.
    A comical look of surprise.
    Funny stories that made everybody laugh.
    A very funny writer.
    It would have been laughable if it hadn't hurt so much.
    A mirthful experience.
    Risible courtroom antics.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • beyond or deviating from the usual or expected
  • A curious hybrid accent.
    Her speech has a funny twang.
    They have some funny ideas about war.
    Had an odd name.
    The peculiar aromatic odor of cloves.
    Something definitely queer about this town.
    What a rum fellow.
    Singular behavior.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • not as expected
  • There was something fishy about the accident.
    Up to some funny business.
    Some definitely queer goings-on.
    A shady deal.
    Her motives were suspect.
    Suspicious behavior.
    source: WordNet 3.0
  • experiencing odd bodily sensations
  • Told the doctor about the funny sensations in her chest.
    source: WordNet 3.0
    English to Tagalog
  • [fŠni] NakŠkatawa
  • source: Diccionario Ingles-EspaŮol-Tagalog
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